Soil remover ROMU730

Category: waste removal

Our range of ROMU730 soil removers are the right systems to remove soil that has stuck in the field.

They are suitable for potatoes, celeriac, turnips, etc. effective at effectively removing dirt without damaging the product.

They are constructed entirely of stainless steel, have high strength and very low maintenance.

Can be provided with a ribbed rubber conveyor that will conduct the Land to a drawer or outside of your shed for easier and more convenient pickup.

Soil remover ROMU730
  • Soil remover ROMU730
  • Soil remover ROMU730
  • Soil remover ROMU730
  • Soil remover ROMU730
  • Soil remover ROMU730
  • Soil remover ROMU730
  • Video about soil removers ROMU730Video about soil removers ROMU730

- Suitable for potatoes, carrots, celeriac, turnips, onions, etc.
- It performs the functions of eliminating dirt, leaves and small waste product before entering the product in the washing machine.
- Robust structure in stainless steel.
- Mechanized nylon rollers with springs with stainless steel shafts.
- ROMU 9P model special for potatoes, with greater roller spacing.
- Mechanism protective fairing.
- Low maintenance.
- CE marking.
- Available options:
* Adjustable legs.
* Tray for collecting soil.
* Earth extraction conveyor.
* Cleaning showers.

Throughput: up to 60 t / h

As a complement to this system, we offer a wide range of options such as tippers, 
conveyors, filtering systems, multi-function vibrating tables, washing machines,
calibrators, and much more.

Video about soil removers ROMU730