Linear weigher

Category: Weighing

Our range of automatic linear weighers adapt to all projects, from single scale for small productions to multi-scale with up to 16 weighers for large volumes of automatic weighing.
There are different models depending on the product to be weighed: potato, carrot, fresh-range products, etc.

With weighing accuracies of up to 1 gr, you will achieve the best possible profitability for your product.

Maintenance is extremely simple and inexpensive, you do not need great knowledge and you will not depend on anyone to have the system always ready.

Multihead weigher
  • Multihead weigher
  • Multihead weigher
  • Multihead weigher
  • Multihead weigher

- Accuracy: up to 1 gr per weigh

- Performance: up to 70 weighings per minute.

- Outputs: 1 or 2

As a complement to this system, we offer a wide catalog of options such as hoppers,
conveyors, filter systems, multifunction vibrating tables, washing machines,
calibrators, and a long etc.