Polisher LPR620

Category: Polisher

The new generation of polishers, with their revolutionary work system, are capable of polishing all types of vegetables and citrus fruits with high performance and low waste.

The pendulum movement of the drum provides a high efficiency of the system and significantly reduces the maintenance due to replacing brushes.

The LPR620 model is characterized by its high performance, its compact measurements, its low maintenance and long useful life.

Another of The characteristics of this model is that it has motors with direct transmission to the axles.

Our wide range of models allows us to offer you the system that best suits your needs, with the best investment, which will allow you guarantees a quick return on investment.

Polisher LPR620
  • Polisher LPR620
  • Vídeo sobre Pulidora LPR620Vídeo sobre Pulidora LPR620