Reception and storage hoppers
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Reception hopper TRI

The TRI series are the perfect solution to receive the product (carrots, potatoes, etc.) directly from a dumper, or serve as an intermediate point in a line, to accumulate and dose the product. < br> They are very robust hoppers, very low maintenance, made of stainless steel and with a rubber band very resistant to degradation by soil and impurities. It has a motor with a mechanic..

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Water receiving hopper TRA

Our range of TRA series water reception hoppers are ideal for receiving raw material, potatoes, carrots, etc., from any type of tipper without damaging the product, also performing the pre-wash function. < br> They can also be used as an intermediate accumulation point in a processing line, serving as a regulation point. They are entirely made of stainless steel. The outlet elevat..

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